DEVELOPMENT Distinction By Dr.Haji Fadzilah Kabbah In K2

On 27.3.2010 the past, Dr.Fadzilah Kamsah has been invited to Second College of UPM to give his motivational talks that can stimulate the mind and spirit, especially for student of  K2.

Finally, also achieved my ambition to meet with experts motivation is always .. pe x dgr nyer just heard his voice funnel from the radio IKIM … tp  LIVE syok bru …

there are many input I get during the workshop ..

Here I want to share what I can,


1. Always smile

2. Grateful

3. Create the best

4. Always happy

“Whoever is not grateful to the people, in fact he did not give thanks to Allah.” [HR: Tirmizi]


  1. What I am I looking for?
  2. Why is change difficult?
  3. How to identify themselves?
  4. What causes not excellent?
  5. What are the steps students smart?

What I am I looking for?

  • Redha of Allah.
  • Success.
  • Happy.
  • Dr acknowledge God, Human, Org loved ones, beings.
  • Satisfaction.
  • Opportunities.
  • Fact of life (Life Destiny).

Our mind like a Search Engine!

Gabbage In, Out Gabbage.

‘He will act like what we think, focused and confident’. Monologue, “I am a great !!!”. He will make us a great effort and with ….

Why is change difficult?

  • Do not see the need for change.
  • The ignorant mind.
  • Heart  hard    –    1.Laugh a lot                    2.too full          in the face
  • A negative attitude.
  • Environment is not conducive.
  • A weak faith.
  • Bad Vibration .
  • Life is not balanced.
  • Do not know the true self.

How to identify themselves?

Based on studies made by Dr.. Fadzilah Kamsah, we can identify themselves through several aspects, including: —

  • Name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Face.
  • Writing.
  • Aura (Self Charisma).
  • Worship
  • Emotional mother during pregnancy.
  • Favorite color.

Man took 21 days to change a habit.

“Truly Allah loves a person who is doing his job when he did it with the best.” [Hadith Tabrani]

FEEL FREE and clean our heart by practicing  some practices such as: —

  • Charity
  • Prayer of repentance
  • Istigfar 70x per day
  • Forgive each other the night before sleep

We need to clean the heart because knowledge is light, and light will not go on the heart dirty and dark.

Therefore, the dirty hearts may not be the personal distinction.

In fact many of Dr’s description that submit i’m just take  important only for sharing with u all..

Hopefully, this partnership can provide some guideline for how a kite kpd Insan of distinction in the true sense of the word ..



About musafirjalanan16

I'm proud to be i discover this world is through the way of Islam... I changeable person depend on the situation... cz 4 my self i need to adapt wth the unexpected situation... So, let us know each other 4 a great Ukhwah Fillah.... Sebagai seorang muslim, peranan dakwah itu tertanggung atas bahu tiap2 dari mereka... Sesungguhnya, peliharalah peribadi dan keterampilan kita sebagai seorang muslim yang sejati... Bukanlah sekadar Islam atas dasar nama semata-mata, yang pada hakikatnya kita tidak mengenal apakah ISLAM yang sebenar... Renunglah sejenak ke lubuk hati yang paling dalam....adakah kita benar2 SAYANG DAN CINTA dengan sebenar-benarnya akan ISLAM. BANGKITLAH WAHAI SAUDARA!!!!! Sesungguhnya pengembaraan kita masih terlalu jauh, jangan kita berputus asa, sedangkan Allah tidak pernah berputus asa dengan kita...

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